Our Mission





County Vision

(Established by Board of Education)

The Dorchester County Public Schools will provide continually improving educational programs in a safe and nurturing school environment with exceptional faculty and staff. This will be achieved through a cooperative and supportive partnership among school, home, and community. All students will acquire the self-discipline, knowledge, and skills necessary to become creative, self-sufficient lifelong learners and productive citizens.


County Mission

(Established by Board of Education)

The mission of the Dorchester County Board of Education, in partnership with the community, is to provide leadership for excellence in teaching and learning for all students by:

  • consistently advocating for resources,
  • continuously developing sound policies, and
  • carefully monitoring student progress.

System Goals

  1. To establish high academic expectations for all children, particularly in the area of reading, writing and mathematics.
  2. To provide a well trained, caring staff with strong visionary leadership.
  3. To encourage parent/family involvement in the schools.
  4. To make our schools safe, disciplined, and drug free.


DCPS Instructional Mission

To implement immediate and evident measures to improve achievement for ALL, reduce achievement gaps, and promote minority achievement by pursuing strategies that result in ALL students completing their program of study.

Superintendent’s Second Term Priorities – 2014-2018

  • Closing the persisting achievement/opportunity gaps with respect to our minority, FARM, and special education populations
  • Fostering a more diverse and competitively compensated workforce
  • Advancing our state rankings with respect to prominent indicators of accountability
  • Achieving PARCC Assessment readiness through full implementation of the Common Core State Standards and by advancing technological capacity
  • Expanding Prekindergarten opportunities
  • Securing the resources for a new North Dorchester High School
  • Addressing projected enrollment increases in a proactive manner
  • Expanding the appropriate use of technology into instructional and administrative processes


Student Mission Pledge

I will finish my program of study and become college and career ready!