Dorchester County Board Of Education Appoints Two New Directors

  • Friday, 18 August 2017

At the August 17, 2017, Dorchester County Board of Education Meeting, the Board announced the appointments of the Director of Secondary Education, and the Director of Student Services.

Dr. Maria Smith-Hosch, was appointed Director of Secondary Education. Dr. Smith retired from Prince George’s County Public Schools. Her career as an educator ranges from a classroom teacher, school counselor, staff development specialist, regional instructional specialist, principal to Instructional Director for 15 schools within Area II Region.

Dr. Smith’s diversity includes teaching in learning on the public-school level and the collegiate level as an adjunct professor at Coppin State University, the University of Maryland College Park, and George Washington University preparing educators for administrative positions. As a principal of a Title I school, Dr. Smith has received recognition for being the 1st principal to meet the FIRST standards for observing and improving student data using the Danielson framework for teaching, and several awards for improving student performance and having the school removed from the “reconstitution list” for MSA. She took the school from performing at the 35th percentile rate to overall school performance in grades 3 through 6 at the 92% rate. As the Instructional Director, Dr. Smith has a legacy of building the capacity of students and school staff to improve school performance.

Dr. Smith has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Education, Masters of Arts Degree in Administration and Supervision, and a Doctorate of Education Degree in Educational Leadership. Dr. Smith is certified as a National Principals Mentor, Work Study Coordinator, National Classroom Management and Organization Trainer, a trainer of trainer for principal coaching, and SAMS coordinator.

Mr. Arcelius Brickhouse, was appointed the Director of Pupil Services. Mr. Brickhouse had previously served as an Elementary School Principal in Portsmouth, Virginia. He brings to the new position over 20 years of educational experience. Mr. Brickhouse began his career as a speech pathologist in Fairfax County Public Schools. He has worked in several school systems over the years as an elementary classroom teacher, assistant principal, elementary and high school principal, turn-around specialist, regional instructional specialist, and Director of Student Services and Special Education.

Mr. Brickhouse earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology from Hampton University and a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education from Howard University. In addition, Mr. Brickhouse also completed his Education Specialist degree in Education Administration from George Washington University. Finally, Mr. Brickhouse is currently a doctoral candidate in Education Administration at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Mr. Brickhouse is a former 2007 Emerging Leader from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). In addition, he has been a presenter at the University of Virginia Turn-Around Leadership Program and a former Outstanding Young Man of America. He is an avid tennis player and traveler.


Diana L. Mitchell., Ed.D., Superintendent

August 18, 2017