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Friday, 19 June 2020 10:46

An Open Letter to the Community from Superintendent Bromwell

In the early fall we feared the spread of COVID-19, a deadly disease for which there is no vaccine. It began as an enemy to humans then became more invasive to United States citizens beginning in January 2020.  To survive and protect the health and safety of our community and those around us, we unified our efforts, we worked together to heed the advice of our public health officials and we took every precaution to prevent further infection.  Over the last three months we have endured a virtual education world that none of us have ever been a part of.

Yet, while dealing with a new form of health crisis, we witnessed the death of several human beings: George Floyd Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and too many prior to 2020. Their lives were taken by another disease, one that we as a society must also unify against and overcome------RACISM! These horrific acts deeply concern me and every educator I know. We rose and stood together to protect our students and community when the disease of COVID-19 came upon us, and now we must recreate those efforts to establish a more equitable society for our children by eliminating institutional and structural racism.  We can no longer talk about racism; we MUST take action to eliminate it!

The time has come for the Superintendent of Dorchester County Public Schools (DCPS) and ALL its employees to act courageously with our beliefs, not place them in an “action plan” that has no action.  DCPS will review ALL policies and procedures using the Equity and Excellence in Maryland, Guide to Equity in Education to evaluate all teaching, student services, operational policies and practices.  We will not just provide several professional development practices addressing equity; we will LIVE them within our schools.  We will listen, learn, ask, and take action to confront and eliminate racism.  It is my and our DCPS moral and professional responsibility to make this happen.  Our DCPS Education for Equity Task Force will oversee this process throughout the summer and the next school year, seeking support from all county stakeholders.  We cannot opt out!

I remain completely and uncompromisingly resolute in the commitment to educational equity. We will not tolerate hate, racism, or discrimination within Dorchester County Public Schools. In solidarity with our MD State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Salmon, I believe public education plays a vital role in eliminating implicit bias and systemic racism as well as bringing about change within our classrooms toward educational equity. This is the foundation to the success of our society and country.  The time is now.


W. David Bromwell

W. David Bromwell


Dorchester County Public Schools