Category: 2011–2012
Title Date Size
pdf.png SHES is Awarded Accreditation HOT
2012-06-26 193.59 KB
pdf.png The Judy Hoyer Center and Shore-Up Head Start Awarded Accreditation HOT
2012-06-23 251.47 KB
pdf.png Administrative Appointment for June 14th, 2012 HOT
2012-06-14 243.99 KB
pdf.png Members of Project 2016 Visit Maple, Choptank, and Sandy Hill Elementary Schools HOT
2012-06-08 242.36 KB
pdf.png First in Math News Release HOT
2012-06-07 89.22 KB
pdf.png Maple Elementary School Participates in the Dorchester Soil Conservation District Poster Contest HOT
2012-06-06 316.75 KB
pdf.png Warwick Elementary School National Elementary Honor Society Participates in Relay for Life HOT
2012-06-06 412.66 KB
pdf.png NDMS Begins Construction of "Gardens of Knowledge" HOT
2012-06-04 408.88 KB
pdf.png Sandy Hill Math-A-Thon is a Huge Success HOT
2012-06-04 448.62 KB
2012-06-04 355.41 KB
pdf.png Change of Date for June Board Meeting HOT
2012-05-31 188.6 KB
pdf.png SHES Spring Arts Night and Band HOT
2012-05-30 382.31 KB
pdf.png SHES First Bee Bus Community Outreach HOT
2012-05-30 363.86 KB
pdf.png School Nutrition Employee Week HOT
2012-05-29 251.26 KB
pdf.png MLMS Thematic Unit Comes to an End HOT
2012-05-23 309.6 KB
pdf.png DCPS PIMA Nominee-Becky Ruffennach HOT
2012-05-22 381.96 KB
pdf.png MLMS NJHS Volunteers for Character Counts HOT
2012-05-21 292.96 KB
pdf.png C-SDHS Boys and Girls Track and Field Teams Place Second in Regionals HOT
2012-05-21 253.71 KB
pdf.png CES Young Gentlemen's Club Visits Perdue Stadium and Salisbury University HOT
2012-05-18 443.39 KB
pdf.png Welding-American Welding Society Certification Testing HOT
2012-05-18 424.87 KB
pdf.png Zachary Gullion Receives Kunkel Service Company Award HOT
2012-05-15 238.92 KB
pdf.png DCTC National Technical Honor Society Induction HOT
2012-05-14 253.08 KB
pdf.png DCTC Students Participate in Maryland Skills USA Competition HOT
2012-05-09 432.12 KB
pdf.png Wax Museum Presentation at MES HOT
2012-05-04 367.96 KB
pdf.png MLMS 8th Grader Heads to National Chemistry Competition HOT
2012-05-01 348.25 KB
pdf.png Melissa Young Selected as Dorchester County's Outstanding Educator Using Technology HOT
2012-05-01 310.25 KB
pdf.png Jessica Suggs Selected as Dorchester County's Outstanding Technology Leader in Education HOT
2012-05-01 308 KB
pdf.png Sandy Hill Elementary School Meets Author Jack Gantos HOT
2012-04-29 288.28 KB
pdf.png NDHS Envirothon Team HOT
2012-04-29 189.78 KB
pdf.png Sandy Hill Elementary School and Grace United Methodist Church Partnership HOT
2012-04-25 249.1 KB
pdf.png DCPS Senior Honors Recital HOT
2012-04-25 368.93 KB
pdf.png Presentation for parents of children with disabilities who face special challenges with regard to guardianship HOT
2012-04-24 467.39 KB
pdf.png CES Adopted a Pilot HOT
2012-04-20 476.98 KB
pdf.png Middle School ScienceFair 2012 HOT
2012-04-20 394.78 KB
pdf.png Teacher of the Year and First Class Teacher of the Year Selected for DCPS HOT
2012-04-19 411.88 KB
pdf.png John Allen Speaks to Warwick Elementary School's Young Gentlemen's Club HOT
2012-04-18 385.22 KB
pdf.png DCTC Students Visit CK Lord HOT
2012-04-17 514.46 KB
pdf.png WES Spring Parade HOT
2012-04-17 465.85 KB
pdf.png Dorchester County Board of Education Moves the Last Day of School HOT
2012-04-12 190.01 KB
pdf.png Read Across America at North Dorchester Middle School HOT
2012-04-11 286.07 KB
pdf.png MSDE Celebrates National Library Week HOT
2012-04-03 356.14 KB
pdf.png SajHeed McNair to Participate in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Rural Connections Program HOT
2012-03-30 377.85 KB
pdf.png MABE Inspection HOT
2012-03-28 254.71 KB
pdf.png Pre-K Registration on April 18th, 2012 HOT
2012-03-22 353.75 KB
pdf.png April Board of Education Meeting Rescheduled HOT
2012-03-21 189.52 KB
pdf.png CSDHS New Concession Stand HOT
2012-03-20 338.71 KB
pdf.png DCTC Dedication HOT
2012-03-20 195.05 KB
pdf.png CSDHS Symphonic Band Participated in Maryland the District 5 Band Festival HOT
2012-03-16 249.45 KB
pdf.png Announcing Asset Builder Training HOT
2012-03-08 695.41 KB
pdf.png CSDHS Swimmers Finish Their Season HOT
2012-03-07 392.23 KB
pdf.png Safe Schools Initiatives in Dorchester County Public Schools HOT
2012-03-05 270.12 KB
pdf.png 2011 Maryland School Performance Recognition HOT
2012-03-01 189.85 KB
pdf.png Dorchester County Commissioners and Board of Education statement on Pension Cost Shift HOT
2012-02-28 85.36 KB
pdf.png Maple Students Enter the Youth Art Month Flag Design Contest HOT
2012-02-28 364.65 KB
pdf.png 2012 International Aviation Art Contest Winners HOT
2012-02-28 419.07 KB
pdf.png Maple Third Graders Participate in the Chesapeake Bay Revival Coloring Contest HOT
2012-02-28 271.19 KB
pdf.png Mayor Victoria Jackson Stanley Visits CES HOT
2012-02-28 482.55 KB
pdf.png Artsonia HOT
2012-02-28 192.83 KB
pdf.png CSD Girls Swimming Captures Back-to-Back Regional Titles HOT
2012-02-23 539.37 KB
pdf.png SHES Jumps Rope for Heart HOT
2012-02-13 406.93 KB
pdf.png Grace Brinsfield Wins NDMS Geographic Bee HOT
2012-02-09 381.84 KB
pdf.png CSDHS Girls' Swim Team Remains Undefeated HOT
2012-02-09 361.67 KB
pdf.png MLMS Member is Many Melody Master HOT
2012-02-07 486.64 KB
pdf.png CADCA Forum HOT
2012-02-01 184.09 KB
pdf.png Suicide Prevention and Anti-Bullying Campaigns HOT
2012-01-18 352.44 KB
pdf.png Community Business Partners Lunch at SDS HOT
2012-01-13 375.3 KB
pdf.png MLMS Students to Attend Leadership Conference HOT
2012-01-10 440.54 KB
pdf.png School Board Announces Budget Work Session on January 5th, 2012 HOT
2012-01-05 96.1 KB
pdf.png VES Caring for the Community HOT
2011-12-20 500.99 KB
pdf.png VES November Students of the Month HOT
2011-12-20 402.23 KB
pdf.png SDS Student Raises Money for Giving Tree HOT
2011-12-20 452.27 KB
pdf.png NDMS Students Win VFW Patriot's Pen Essay Contest HOT
2011-12-20 367.07 KB
pdf.png NDMS Band and Pom Pom Winter Marching Season HOT
2011-12-20 190.24 KB
pdf.png Two MES Student's Artwork is Chosen for Maryland Art Education Association's BWI Exhibit HOT
2011-12-19 376.28 KB
pdf.png HES 5th Grade Class Visits DCTC HOT
2011-12-19 294.29 KB
pdf.png CES Young Gentlemen's Club Receives Check From College Board HOT
2011-12-13 538.72 KB
pdf.png MLMS Carson Scholar - Jeremiah Maltez HOT
2011-12-01 441.01 KB
pdf.png Superintendent's Press Release-Maryland Art Education Association Recognizes Two Maple Elementary School Students HOT
2011-12-01 328.41 KB
pdf.png German Exchange Program Needs Host Families HOT
2011-11-22 247.95 KB
pdf.png Maple Elementary School 1st Graders Visit DC HOT
2011-11-22 463.46 KB
pdf.png MLMS Principal's Honor List HOT
2011-11-22 333.56 KB
pdf.png Sandy Hill Elementary Participated in WSSA Stack Up! HOT
2011-11-22 421.09 KB
pdf.png Third Annual Happier Holidays Scavenger Hunt HOT
2011-11-22 357.22 KB
pdf.png Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Performs at NDHS HOT
2011-11-17 288.55 KB
pdf.png NDHS Students Participated in Teen Read Week HOT
2011-11-17 307.87 KB
pdf.png MLMS NJHS Will Sing at the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter HOT
2011-11-14 304.17 KB
pdf.png MLMS Fundraiser for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month HOT
2011-11-11 300.64 KB
pdf.png DCPS Outreach to Dorchester Chamber Businesses HOT
2011-11-11 259.65 KB
pdf.png NDHS Student Attends Horticulture Judging Competition in San Diego, CA HOT
2011-11-10 318 KB
pdf.png Vienna Elementary School First Term Raffle Winners HOT
2011-11-10 480.04 KB
pdf.png NDMS National Junior Honor Society Induction HOT
2011-11-08 422.45 KB
pdf.png MLMS Volunteer Award Winners HOT
2011-11-03 310.33 KB
pdf.png CES Second Grade Students HOT
2011-11-03 391.72 KB
pdf.png Fred B. Benjamin Peace Writing Contest HOT
2011-11-01 352.19 KB
pdf.png MLMS Hosts Maryland Food Bank Food Drop HOT
2011-10-24 529.51 KB
pdf.png MLMS Fundraiser for Homeless Shelter HOT
2011-10-24 529.51 KB
pdf.png MLMS National Junior Honor Society HOT
2011-10-24 554.25 KB
pdf.png MES Employees of the Month HOT
2011-10-24 470.47 KB
pdf.png DCPS Maintenance Award HOT
2011-10-19 250.85 KB
pdf.png SDS Focus on College and Career Readiness HOT
2011-10-18 401.23 KB
pdf.png Pre-K Students at SDS Learn Fire Safety HOT
2011-10-17 286.36 KB
pdf.png Leadership II Lorraine Henry HOT
2011-10-13 119.19 KB
pdf.png Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline HOT
2011-10-12 265.35 KB
pdf.png Transition to CCSS HOT
2011-09-29 256.46 KB
pdf.png Center for Talented Youth Tests at Mace's Lane Middle School HOT
2011-09-09 313.76 KB
pdf.png National School Lunch Week HOT
2011-09-09 313.76 KB
pdf.png Maryland Homegrown School Lunch Week HOT
2011-09-09 313.76 KB
pdf.png Community Liaison Group HOT
2011-09-08 250.03 KB
pdf.png First Annual GoGirlsGo 3K Event HOT
2011-08-25 277.52 KB
pdf.png DCTC Open House HOT
2011-08-22 107.57 KB
pdf.png Maryland Awarded $1.7 Million to Strengthen AP HOT
2011-08-16 350.76 KB
pdf.png Back to School Article HOT
2011-08-15 259.9 KB
pdf.png Supplemental Educational Services to be Offered at Sandy Hill Elementary HOT
2011-08-12 80.33 KB
pdf.png Administrative Appointments-July 21, 2011 HOT
2011-07-21 189.77 KB