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Art Group Makes Donation

8 JANUARY 2020

Art Group Makes Donation


Young artists in Dorchester County Public Schools will be benefitting from donations from the Working Artists Forum of Easton. Thanks to a successful Local Color Art Show, the organization is contributing to the art program in every Dorchester County elementary school as well as the schools in five other Eastern Shore counties.

In a letter to schools, Betty Huang, president of the Working Artists Forum, said she hoped that the additional art supplies “will encourage the creative process in your students”.

Kimberly Wisseman, art teacher at Choptank Elementary School, said she grateful for the donation, saying it will allow her to purchase materials for a special project to do with her students. “Most of my budget goes for the basics so it’s a treat to have money to spend for something extra,” she said.

Art Group Makes Donation

(l-r) Kimberly Wisseman, Working Artists Forum representative Carla Huber, Choptank Elementary principal Emma Pinkett



W. David Bromwell
Interim Superintendent