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C-SDHS Students Learn to “Dream It, Be It”

12 FEBRUARY 2020

C-SDHS Students Learn to “Dream It, Be It”

Soroptimist International of Talbot County has partnered with Cambridge-South Dorchester High School to present “Dream It, Be It”, an eight-week program to help girls learn how to set goals and become successful.

The 9th grade girls in the program worked on weekly themes such as discovering their dreams, exploring careers, creating achievable goals, rising above obstacles, turning failure into success, balancing stress, and putting dreams into action.

Now that the initial program is complete, a mentorship collaboration has begun. Monthly events will be held that include service-learning activities, college campus visits, and career opportunities. This mentorship opportunity will be an open group format allowing other 9th grade students to participate.

C-SDHS Students Learn to “Dream It, Be It”

(L-R) Morrigan Bell, Kawana Webb (DCPS Mental Health Services Coordinator and Soroptimist member), Judi Loscumb, (Soroptimist), Marcia Shapiro (Soroptimist), Chanere Collins, Jannelis Ortiz, Jakisha Downing (Soroptimist), Katelyn Masden, Emily Pupillo

W. David Bromwell
Interim Superintendent