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Mace’s Lane Middle School Hosts “Talk & Treat” Parent Night



Mace’s Lane Middle School Hosts “Talk & Treat” Parent Night


As part of National Bully Prevention Awareness Month, Mace’s Lane Middle School’s Guidance Department hosted its first of a series of parent forums on October 30. Subjects included key “look-fors” on deciphering conflict verses bullying, the DCPS policy and procedures regarding bullying, and different conflict resolution skills that parents can discuss with their children. Presentations were provided to the parents by Lasina Branch, Interim Supervisor of School Counselors for Dorchester County Public Schools, and Jennifer Williams, Executive Director of Mid-Shore Mediation.

Parents and students were greeted with refreshments at the door and were able to participate in a gift card raffle. Any student who attended with their parent/guardian received ten house points as an incentive. The guidance department at Mace’s Lane Middle School will hold more parent forums in the future.

Maces Lane Middle School Hosts Talk Treat Parent Night



W. David Bromwell
Interim Superintendent