Partner with MOU Respective Role (They provide the following) AGES SERVED
Anna's Childcare Before and after care, parenting sessions 2 years – 15 years
Associated Black Charities Organize and implement Healthy Movement Activities for all students; purchase materials for all activities. Provide health activities and incentives. Prenatal- Adults
Chesapeake College Adult Education Classes, instructors, training for private providers for credentialing, and recruitment of families Adults
Chesapeake Childcare Resource Center We are a community service organization that works with parents, child care providers, businesses, and community organizations to help promote the availability of quality child care services in the area.   Adults
Dee Jackson's Family Provider Before and after care, parenting sessions 0-23 months /2 -12 years
Delmarva Community One Stop Flyers, program information, training Adults
Department of Social Services Services for families, counseling and referral Prenatal -Adults
Dorchester Childcare Association provide trainings and workshops for all childcare centers, Private Providers and Family Providers 0-5 years
Dorchester County Health Department Services including immunizations, family planning, communicable disease/STI screening & treatment, addictions evaluation & treatment, assistance with health insurance enrollment, smoking cessation 16- and older
Dorchester County Public Library Staff to read with children visits center, workshops for parents, sessions at the library  Prenatal -Adults
Dorchester County Public Schools

Transportation for children, food service, financial services, training, facility for the center and all utilities and maintenance staff and supplies

Family Services Coordinator

 3-12 years
Dorchester County Literacy League Provides support for Building Home Library activities at the Judy Center Children & Families (0-6)
Early Childhood Advisory Council    Focused on Kindergarten Readiness through Language and Literacy, Family Engagement, and Public Awareness activities Families with Children birth to five
Early Head Start Parents as Teachers (PAT) home visiting program, parenting sessions, supplies, transportation, counseling Prenatal -3
Eastern Shore Oral Health Education and Outreach Program Offer Oral Health Education for children and Parents-Case management for those needing dental services, elective, urgent needs-Plan preventive appointments for families, support home daily oral Health preventive care

Birth -Adults


Family Support Answering questions about early interventions-providing support, information, and resources on disabilities and community services, assisting families to resolve concerns, promoting parent involvement and collaborative partnerships between families and professionals Children & Families
Harvesting Hope Youth and Family Wellness

Individual family and group therapy. Parenting groups anger management

Mentoring youth and family development, psycho-education trainings

Healthy Families Prenatal and early childhood home visiting focused on attachment and healthy child development, Growing Great Kids curriculum Prenatal -3
Infants and Toddlers Home visiting program, referrals, transition activities, training and early intervention services 0-5
Jack and Jill Learning Center Before and after care, materials, class for children 2-7
Local Management Board Information on resources, community resource manual Children & Families
Maryland Coalition of Families

Classes for parenting-

Support group

MSDE-Office of Childcare Licensing of child care programs 0-13
New Beginnings Youth and Family Services After School services, summer programs, field trips, tutoring and group activities Youth
Pre-School Special Education Specialist for identified needs of children, training, parent conferences and individualized plans for children 3-5
Priority Partners Training supplies, flyers, health education and incentives Children & Families
Project Right Steps provides FREE behavioral consultation for parents and child care providers of young children (infancy through 5 years of age) struggling with challenging behaviors, to help the child be successful in a child care setting or school.   Children & Families
Sandy Hill Elementary Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, parent activities, referrals, food service, counseling, nurse 4-5
Shore-Up Head Start Classes for children, parenting sessions, incentives, materials and service coordination 3-5
NAACP Provide training and workshops for parents Adults