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Dorchester County Public Schools

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Central Office Directory

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Central Office Directory

  • Kim Waller Supervisor of Special Education
    Phone: 410-221-1111 ext. 1022
  • Monique Giddens Supervisor of Social Studies & World Language
    Phone: 410-221-1111 ext. 1011
  • Kawana Webb Supervisor of Mental Health
    Phone: 410-221-1111 ext.1066
  • Beth Wilson Director of Operations
    Phone: 410-221-1111 ext. 1015
  • Linda Wilson Coordinator of Title I
  • Anna Wingate Administrative Assistant – Director of Student Services
    Phone: 410-221-1111 ext. 1055
  • Kathy Yorton Administrative Secretary - Student Services
    Phone: 410-221-1111