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English Learners Instruction

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English Learners

Mission Statement

The DCPS English Learners Department produces language learners who are successful socially and academically, in the school environment and in society.

Vision Statement

The DCPS English Learners Department will ensure equal access to the general education curriculum in all subject areas K-12, maintaining respect for students’ home languages/cultures and providing necessary supports for success. 

The DCPS English Learner (EL) teachers provide push-in services as our main method of instruction. This allows students to remain with their English-speaking peers. This allows students to develop English fluency while exposing them to social language along with academic language. Students access the general education curriculum with modifications as needed based on each student’s proficiency level.

We follow the approved DCPS curriculum documents for each content area in conjunction with the WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework.

Students are assessed annually through the ACCESS for ELs Assessment to monitor their progress in gaining English fluency. Additional information and resources regarding the English Learner program can be found at the following websites:


MSDE English Learners/Title III Office

Theresa Connors 

Supervisor of English Learners 

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